Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it wrong to proselityze/evangelize?

You can probably guess my answer to this question, especially because I mentioned last week I’m taking a class called “Evangelism for Discipleship.” But given how controversial this issue has become, I thought it might be beneficial to spend a couple minutes explaining why so many Christians try to influence others to believe the way they do.

I’ve never heard it explained better than by Penn, of the comedy team Penn and Teller. So please, take a few minutes and watch this video. It’s like…the greatest video of all time.

Hey, don’t you dare read on if you haven’t watched that video. I’m serious. If you only have enough time to do one or the other, please watch the video instead of reading on.

I really don’t know what to add to that except to say that I think Penn’s got it nailed. If a Christian is not sharing what they believe and trying to convince others of the same, I think there are really only three reasonable conclusions.

  1. Their theology is based on something other than the Bible.
  2. They don’t really believe what they claim to believe.
  3. They just don’t care about people.

I’m saying this because I have some really good friends that are not Christians. They all know generally what I believe, and every once in a while they’ll get an earful from me, but I think they know I care. And that’s important.

I really think a lot of people just don’t understand why Christians do what they do. But seriously, put yourself in the shoes of someone that not only thinks you’re headed toward eternal death, but also missing out on a life in this world that’s just what you need, because it was a path laid out by the One That Made You.

Wouldn’t you want to say something too?

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