Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can you HANDLE the waiting?

Question of the Day.....

Can you HANDLE the waiting??

(To the tune of “You can’t HANDLE the truth!” from A Few Good Men.)

Hello, this is Wifey, so nice to meet you! I am the blessed first guest blogger to enjoy the opportunity to tell it like it is here on Solid Footing. And do I have a question for you --

Can you HANDLE the waiting?

Did you know? Jim and Pam are pregnant!! If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Office, or you haven’t kept up with the show this season, the young, happy couple, Jim and Pam are settling down nicely, in a suburban style home with 70’s shag carpet and other funky fixtures making it reminiscent of mom and dad…. If your mom and dad weren’t into the whole “remodel and update” fad.

Jim and Pam really do have a great setup- they work together, were getting married and both excited about planning the wedding (yes, I know – and personally don’t condone living together first. I’ve seen the heartache). They seem to really love each other! In tonight’s episode, Pam injures her ankle playing volleyball (seriously, you have to see this episode if you haven’t! I’m talking about the BEST of The Office) and Jim takes her to the ER for a quick exam so they can get back in the game. The nurse mentions in one of the series of questions to Pam as they roll her in for an x-ray, “Are you pregnant?” to which Pam replies no. A few minutes later, the doctor calls Jim in… and we actually don’t hear them say anything, but the emotional and joyous response (we’re watching this through a window into the exam room) indicates that…

Pam wasn’t just round-bellied from too many breakfast burritos this morning! They are pregnant! Solid and I watch this show weekly and found ourselves so excited with them. A TV couple!! I actually shouldn’t point out that they are a “TV couple” because Solid doesn’t like to be reminded about their other lives…anyway. I digress. I was about to jump up and down because of how happy they are (and yes, I know they aren’t married yet! I am mad about it too!) and Solid was happy……….

And I wonder dreamily for the umpteenth time, gosh, when will we get to have that kind of happy? That mind-boggling realization that you are HAVING A BABY!? I can’t fathom what that must be like, but boy, they sure portrayed it well on the show. I almost shed tears, people! And real friends, not TV friends, are having babies and getting pregnant left and right. And yet, the show ends, and it’s just Solid and I, no baby, no pregnant. But at peace, happy that we’re right where we are called to be. Waiting. Enjoying the time we have to take care of each other, to be outrageously busy with school and work, to barely have time for dishes and laundry.

Okay, our house is not that bad! We live in a tiny amount of space, which makes it so easy for messy to seem messier than the messy is. :)

Anyhoo. Could a baby happen now? Of course! Do we believe that it’s time yet? Nope! We are waiting. For God to push us in that direction, for Solid’s school plans to be decided, for Wifey’s…. well, Wifey is probably ready to go. But our family will happen soon, and I’m on board with waiting. On board, and enjoying the ride. Ya see, waiting is trusting. Trusting God, that there’s a plan in place, and knowing Him this well, that I can lay aside a deep longing to be a mommy, to hold our son or daughter, to see what Solid and Wifey will look like all blended together into a kiddo.

I will wait and not be anxious. I’ve never quite been to this place in my faith before, to where I actually am in relationship with God to know and trust Him. I’ve always kind of shied away from that sort of God-intimacy. Maybe I was lazy, or was doin’ fine on my own, thank you very much! But there’s a surrender that’s happened, and there’s greater joy in knowing God, being known by Him, because that’s the only way I’d EVER trust Him. And be okay, even happy and joyous and fulfilled in the waiting.

Yessiree, I happy, and I can HANDLE the waiting! I hope you can too. Life is too dang short to be frustrated about waiting for your desires to be fulfilled. Chill out, seek God, get peace… take two aspirin and call me in the morning.


  1. Best blog ever! Thanks for making my day, over and over and over again. Best Wifey ever!


  2. Awww...I love that blog! These last couple of blogs gives me the opportunity to understand what you are guys are going through (or just thinking about) without all of the small talk. Don't get me wrong, J and I love the small talk too but with our schedules being the way they are, getting right to the meat & potatoes satisfies me more. Good job my beautiful, amazing, talented and oh-so-missed friend! -chris

  3. Dear Wifey,

    You wrote: personally don’t condone living together first. I’ve seen the heartache.

    Do you believe that individuals who are married are immune to this heartache simply because they are married?

    Do you believe you are immune to the "heartache" you refer to because you are married?

    Because I do not know the context in which "heartache" is used, I cannot elaborate on any points without speculation.

    I will simply pose one question: If you are unhappy in a relationship (including a marriage) would you stay in the marriage, simply because you made a commitment?

  4. (To clear up any possible misconceptions, the above poster is not actually me, Solid, the primary author of this blog. That person is simply posting under the name "Solid," for whatever reason.)

    Dear Other Solid,

    I don't want to speak for Wifey here, but one thing I'd like to point out is her use of the word "personally." I believe she is as entitled to her opinion as you are to yours. (And forgive me. I'm a little protective of her.)

    I think this is an interesting topic for discussion, and your question is well-stated. It might be something worth addressing in a blog post, if you have no objections.

    The way you pose the question seems to pit the value of commitment against the value of happiness. While I believe philosophically people might take differing positions, I believe that practically, most people would choose happiness over commitment. I could say more, but maybe I'll save it.

    Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  5. I would like to see your take on this in a blog post. Please proceed.