Monday, May 11, 2009

Are impulse buys a bad idea?

Ok, yeah… They are. I have trouble thinking of an impulse buy I haven’t regretted. Nonetheless, yesterday afternoon I asked Wifey if we could go buy an Xbox 360, and she said ok.

I had already read the debate on the Xbox360 vs. the Playstation 3, and yeah, we’d talked about getting a gaming console for a long time, but we weren’t planning on buying one soon. Why did we do it? I wanted one, dang it!

So after checking a number of different stores, we finally found one and took it home. While I was “getting it set up” (read: clearing the earliest sections of Halo 3), Wifey cleaned the guinea pig cage, did dishes, took out the trash, and did laundry. Then we had an intense fellowship about my lack of initiative. (Not a fight, of course. We don’t do that.) Anyway, I already told you I’m a jerk sometimes.

I resisted the temptation to bring up the fact that Jesus chastised Martha for working when she should have been spending time with him like her sister Mary was doing. Smart, huh? And I did finally talk her into playing with me.

Now I realize not everyone is familiar with the Halo franchise. It actually has nothing to do with being angelic, saintly, or holy. “Hole-ey” maybe. At least if you get in the way of my machine gun.

Halo 3 is a first-person shooter game. Basically you run around an arena with a bunch of guns and kill anything you see. I’m not great at these games, but I’m better than Wifey. I do have to give her credit though. I figured she’d spend the whole time looking at the ground trying to figure out where she was. She actually did ok, for someone who got her head blown off over and over and over.

No, really. I was pretty nice. I spent most of my time um…teaching her.

Once I grabbed a vehicle and drove over to her while she shot at me. (I think she was shooting at me, at least. I was the only one there.) So I drove up to her, got out of the vehicle, and ran away so she could take it. She got on and drove around trying to shoot me or run me over while I dumped all my ammunition into a wall, just to make it a little more fair. (Wifey in a futuristic hover-scooter with lasers and me on foot and out of bullets.)

She charged me, lasers blaring. I just stood there. I figured I was safe enough. Oh, but she was figuring out the controls! She moved closer and closer, at breakneck speed. She was gonna run me over after all!

At the last minute I jumped into the air, over the scooter, and hit her in the head with the butt end of my gun, knocking her off the scooter and killing her in the process.

Good times.


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  1. That is hilarious! I was listening to a radio show the other day and the guys were talking about how their sig others just couldn't quite get the gaming thing. One of them even mentioned how his girlfriend looked at the ground the whole time!

    But I say, go Wifey! My tendency would be to let Jason play while I read a book, so at least she's trying!! AND she cleaned the house in the process.