Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where Are My Cookies? Saturday Evening Post by Wifey.

I love my husband. Has anyone guessed that? Boy oh boy, has Solid had to be extra patient and loving to Wifey this week! And she is grateful :)

I'll take advantage of my Saturday evening guest blog posting to follow up on Solid's Monday blog. You may have read that I was in some pain from kidney infection. We headed to the ER early Memorial Day, about 8am or so, which, by the way, is the ideal time to go to the ER. At 8am, you can get right in! No one in the waiting room, nurses ready to poke you in the arm.... they just run around with IV trays at that hour, looking for someone to poke. Unless you just HAVE to, don't go anytime after 10am. It's just a long, boring, probably painful experience, as you sit for HOURS and wait. If you don't have a leg dragging behind you broken in six places, with a cougar still clinging to your ankle, just bring a book or a Kindle, and definitely some dinner, because honey, you're in for a wait.

Nice kitty.

Everyone else in that ER waiting room, and half the people that came in AFTER you got there are getting in before you, and you're going to sit there squirming until the person with a sprained toe is the only one left in the room.

Then again, the people in the ER may be the most entertaining bunch you can find on any given evening. Last time we were there, we heard a woman screaming over and over, "I'm SO DRUUNNKKK!! I'm an idiot! It's terrible!" and on and on about how plastered she was.

And the people-watching can be terribly sad in some cases, but there's always the fair share of amusing injuries. You can’t help but eavesdrop when you hear other patients describe their injuries, like the following--

Falling While Ice Skating in Costume:

Jump Roping:

Falling Down: (You know you've hurt yourself falling down at some point in your life. It's okay! So has Wifey!)

Fight During Hockey Game:

Anyway! Feeling much better, almost my old self again, and was elated to have the energy to go with Solid for a friend’s surprise birthday party and clean the dang kitchen.

Thank you all for prayers, good wishes and emails. It’s so good to be on the upswing again! And I bet Solid's glad I'm not so... whiny? Irritable? Needing of much attention? All in my extraordinary cuteness of course. Ha! Poor Solid :)

When you're in pain, which lovely characteristic best describes you? Do you cry or clam up? Tough it out or expect loads of sympathy and cookies?

Where are MY cookies, Solid?


Solid, where did you go!!?? I'm still on the mend, Solid!


The extra attention was so good while it lasted.



  1. Sweetheart...

    You still have Thin Mints in the freezer, that is unless you ate them all.

  2. Julie, I think I have about 20 CASES of Girl Scout Cookies in the office. I'll share when you come.