Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does evolution really happen? (Part 2)

Well folks, it's 9:49PM here, which means it's past bedtime for me. But I'm inspired by a friend's personal evolution, so here I am. We'll call him Sax-man. Sax-man was one of my 4-6 roommates from 2002 until the time I married Wifey in 2007. Sax-man had pretty much sworn off women. He was a self-confessed recluse, and had been known to go days on end with absolutely no human contact.

He also read his Bible everyday, pursued an intimate relationship with God, and remained open to God's direction in his life. I sure believe in that stuff. If you don't, you probably don't know Sax-man.

So guess what?

Sax-man just got engaged! Congratulations to Sax-man, and his fiance, who is....well, incredible. So yes, evolution happens sometimes. It did for Sax-man.

Now where were we?

Yesterday I laid out of few arguments in favor of evolution, and tried to refute the argument that evolution is incompatible with biblical inerrancy. If you haven't read that yet, you should probably read it first.

Today I want to give you three reasons I don't believe in macroevolution. Let's do a quick review. Microevolution is a proven scientific fact, and is often referred to as "species variation." In microevolution, a particular species might change to adapt to environmental conditions, but not so far as to constitute classification as a different species.

Macroevolution involves species changing so much that they become something different entirely. Mice grow wings and become bats. Apes become humans. Certain dinosaurs become birds. That sort of thing.

Before I give you the three reasons I don't believe in macroevolution, I need to offer a disclaimer.

I really don't know all that much about this topic. There are a lot of people out there that are better educated about evolution, and I welcome their criticism. In fact, for years I've been looking for an evolutionary biologist that can make sense of this stuff for me. So far, any I've run into have been pretty hopeless. But I think that was just the people I was talking to.

Reason #1: Evolution is still unproven.

You hear this one a lot from people trying to argue with evolutionists, so I won't spend a lot of time on it. It's considered theory for a reason. You've heard of the missing link, right? The species that connects apes to humans? Still haven't found him. Nor have we found the missing link in any evolutionary course, for any species. Not even in a single case. If I'm wrong, please correct me. And yes, I know about ball pythons.

Reason #2: Evolution is scary.

Ok, think about this. Let's go back to the beginning of life, which happened when some inanimate object spontaneously came to life. I realize it probably happened at the microscopic level, but does that really change anything? One more time. Something that was not alive just came to life. Boom! Happy birthday!

Now catch this! That thing that came to life all on it's own? It had to be able to reproduce somehow. What do you figure the chances of that are? Now again, I may not be an evolutionary scientist, and sure I've never advanced beyond Algebra II in terms of my mathematical prowess, but it seems to me that statistically it's unlikely that the first time something came to life, it was able to reproduce of like kind.

So how many things had to spontaneously come to life before one thing came to life that could reproduce of like kind? Mind you! It's offspring have to be able to do the same thing. And it can't get killed. Also, it has to have some ability to subsist off...sunlight or something. There are no plants for it to eat, or animals, or other cells.

I'm thinking a lot of things had to come to life all on their own in order to make life on Earth possible. Could it happen again? Could it happen to my car keys, or to my television set, or to the Diet Dr. Pepper I drink every morning before I go to work? Maybe The Love Bug was a true story.

Reason #3: Evolution is offensive.

This is probably the biggest reason I just can't get behind evolution. If Darwin was right, natural selection will lead to survival of the strongest among each species. Certain traits will be preferred, and those traits will become more dominant with each successive generation. That means that Hitler was right, and there really is a master race among humans. One race is better than all the others, and the weaker races will eventually die out. We may not know which race that is, but this is one of the natural implications of evolution.

Also, if you DO believe in evolution, I don't think you can reasonably believe that homosexuality has a biological cause. If so, it would have been bred out a long time ago. And if by chance it's survived this long because it was passed along through homosexual people in heterosexual relationships (living lies), you must conclude that as homosexuality becomes more acceptable, it will be bred out of the population soon.

I'm just sayin'. Remember, I don't believe in this stuff anyway. And I told you I'd offend everybody by the time I was done.

So..... Before you decide to never read this blog again, leave me a comment and tell me how wrong I am, but please tell me why you think I'm wrong. As I said yesterday, I really want to be teachable. And please refer again to the disclaimer. I'm no evolutionary scientist. This is just one uneducated guy opening the door to his brain and letting the little thoughts out.



  1. Solid this is your SuperEgo speaking.

    1) You state that Microevolution is a proven scientific fact. But then you state that evolution is unproven . . . which is it?

    Building on this, over thousands, millions, or billions of years of microevolution, or minor changes in a species, the changes become overwhelming and develop a new species, hence macroevolution.

    Even today we are seeing evolution. Just watch the evening news. The H1N1, or swine flu virus, evolved from a form the human flu being in pig DNA. It has been evolving since the 1930's and 40's.


    2) Car keys. We all know that car keys and non-organic matter cannot evolve into life. Please do not be-little your SuperEgo.

    Carbon is the foundation for all things life. All living matter has to be made out of Carbon. That is all I will say about your "Transformers" argument.

    3) Hitler was a nut. Do not place Hitler near Darwin. Hitler used the Jews to create a common enemy for the people. In a way he was right; he was annihilated by the allies, a superior group of people.

    Darwin was close to becoming a priest and the whole time believed he was discovering how God created the universe and life; the same is true of Newton and Galileo, all of whom were impeded by the church.

    4) Every animal group has a small percentage that exhibit homosexual behavior. Even though they do not breed, the majority of the species, which is not homosexual, does breed and the species lives on. There is no "Gay Gene;" it is the brain's chemical makeup.

    Since I have written enough I will not go on, but I do have more. I will leave you with this last thought.

    Without citing the Bible, i.e. I am the Alpha and Omega yadda yadda yadda, how did God come to exist? Your answer "He has always been." I know the response, but how is this less of a stretch than life evolving?

  2. Dear SuperEgo,

    I want to respond to your concerns adequately, so I'm going to take some time to formulate my thoughts. Maybe tomorrow I'll do evolution, part 3.

    I would like to say it's obvious you've taken some time to become informed on the debate. I requested your response, and am grateful for it - not just for the purposes of the blog, but also for my own education.

    Thanks for reading.