Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can you stump Solid?

In my quest to answer the world’s most difficult questions, I will be holding a contest beginning today and ending this Sunday, May 24, 2009.

I was inspired by SuperEgo’s question from the other day, and I got to thinking that a lot of people probably have a great stumper question like that. So here’s the deal. Send me your best question by 11:59PM PST and see if you can stump me. The top five questions I receive will be answered next week in blog entries, and the winner will get….

Are you ready?

A one month subscription to Netflix! (1 DVD at a time, limit 2 DVDs per month)

Yeah, I know. It’s just two free movie rentals that expire if you're too slow. But you also get your question featured in a blog with INTERNATIONAL READERSHIP ON THREE CONTINENTS! (Well, at least when Kat finds time to read it.)

So let’s be clear. Of course you can probably stump me with some advanced calculus question, or some obscure bit of trivia. But I’m looking for the five BEST questions—not the five hardest. That being said, if you can stump me with a really good question, there may be a bonus prize involved. So do your worst. The question should be in the character of the blog, and should be submitted either as a comment in one of this week’s threads or emailed to One question per person, please. SuperEgo, I'm going to answer your question Monday, but feel free to submit one other as well.

Anyone can enter. So c’mon people. Stump me. I dare ya.



  1. Here's my stinkin' question: Why the dig at me?! I was like your FIRST (or second or third) follower - even before the shameless plea for followers - and I read almost every day? So why "when Kat finds time to read it?"

    Again, I say: SHEESH.


  2. Question submitted and received. Thank you for your entry, Katherine.

  3. I've spent the last few days trying to think of Solid-stumping questions. I guess a question I would like answered is as follows:
    If Jesus were alive today, would he be a Democrat, Republican, or something else all together, based upon what we know of his character and life lived? Do you think if he were on earth now, could he have his ministry separate from politics?

    Hey, at least it wasn't the whole "can God make a rock to big for him to lift" and all that :)

  4. Wow. That's a tough one, and it may well stump me to come up with a "solid" answer. The rock thing is easy. I'll do my best.