Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is a haiku?

What is a haiku?

It has seventeen morae.

Morae are syllables.

They come from Japan.

But they’re a little different

When written in English.

Haiku are fun to write,

Especially when you’re bored,

Like I am right now.

Line one—five morae.

Seven in the second line,

And five in the third.

I wrote them in grade school.

I thought they were stupid then.

Now I enjoy them.

Once I had to count

One to one-thousand for school

Written out by hand.

Man, I hated that!

Ridiculous assignment!

Stupid busy work!

Are things better now?

My job feels like busy work.

Well, sometimes it does.

Are you still reading?

You’re a committed reader!

Please leave a comment!

And while you’re at it,

Sign up as a follower.

And thanks for reading!

Sorry for this blog.

I realize it’s kinda lame.

Guess I need some sleep.


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  1. Haiku are fun to write...Isn't that 6?