Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day?

Let me tell you a little about my day.

I had intended to start answering questions from the "Stump Solid" contest today, but as it turns out, things today didn't go exactly as planned. It started off with a sleepless night that finally ended with me dozing off around 4:30. That's fine. I had the day off today. One problem though.

Something you may not know about Wifey is that she's fought long-term health problems. She's ok. It's just not as easy for her as it is for some people. She doesn't really advertise it, but she'll gladly talk about it if you ask her (even if you just met her).

Last night she had horrible kidney pain. It was really, really bad. She tried to get a hold of her urologist, but instead got some on call doctor that just wanted to go to bed. This was probably about 10PM. He kept telling her to go to the emergency room, thinking she had kidney stones (which he'd realize was a little silly if he'd paid attention when she was going over her medical history). She asked if there was anything else she could do, and he said no.

Julie went off to the south wing of our 600 square foot apartment. (Kat, Amy, that's about 183 square meters. I know you internationals have some trouble with Imperial measurements.) When she came back I sat her down and said, "There is one alternative, and I think you know what it is."

Lately, we've been listening to Kenneth Hagan's ABC's of Bible Faith series. Julie's listened to it more than me, and she immediately understood what I was saying. We prayed with faith and expected healing. The pain left. I thought it was done...maybe forever.

But at 8:30 this morning she was hurting again, and we decided to go to the emergency room. (Let's not get into the theology of this right now. I'd be glad to talk about it sometime, but I'm sleepy and just want to tell the story.) There was no wait (another miracle), but the whole experience did take most of the day. By the time we'd been released, found a pharmacy that was open on Memorial Day, and picked up Wifey's prescriptions, it was almost 3:00.

We did share a nap on the hospital bed. We raised the head of the bed, I laid back, she laid back on me, and we slept for about thirty minutes while we were waiting for her lab results to come back. But I'm still pretty sleepy.

And in spite of it all, it wasn't so bad. I spent Saturday in traffic school, and most of the day today in the emergency room, but Wifey and I are such good friends, so in love, and we feel like we never get as much time together as we want. (I know. We're still newlyweds, but it has been two years, and it's more like that every day.)

I guess that's all to say Happy Memorial Day. It's a little ironic to fixate on our problems when our nation is at war, and many families across our country are not at church picnics, but rather mourning the loss of a loved one. God bless them and those that gave their lives.

I know our problems aren't on that level. All the same, I'd really appreciate it if you'd pray for Wifey. She's sleeping right now, and I'm not gonna wake her. I almost always have her read through these things before I post them on the internet for everyone to see, but I'll just send this one off with a prayer.

And if you're not sure how to pray for Wifey, I'm sure she'll be grateful if you pray for her comfort, peace, and restful sleep. But we're praying and believing for healing--not just this time, but forever. If you can have faith for that too, please stand with us. Thanks friends, and Happy Memorial Day.


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." ~Thomas Jefferson


  1. I have faith and I will be praying. Sorry to hear this. :( Glad she's getting some rest, though! And I'm glad you have such a good attitude about your day. You guys are the cutest things ever. A reminder to me to stay positive!

    And as for square is still a mystery to me. I'm still getting a handle on kilos and celsius!

    Oh, and I did have a question, just haven't posted it (sorry): Liberty University just banned the Student Democratic Club from their campus. They are no longer allowed to advertise, use university facilities, etc. (I read about it on my bro's blog: Do you think this is something that Jesus would do?

  2. Hi--me again. Just realized my question wasn't formed very well. :)

    The university's stated reason for banning the club was the Democratic Party's stance on abortion. My question, and really I guess I'm just looking for a well-articulated opinion, is do you believe this is proper justification? Do you think the best way to handle opposition or views that one views as wrong is to, in effect, silence it? What would Jesus' example point to?

  3. Praying for Wifey's permanent healing. Love to both of you.

    Oh, and the metric system mystifies me.

  4. Thanks guys.

    That's a good question Amy. I'll be thinking about it.

  5. I'm right beside you....see me? (I'm the one on my knees)