Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What announcement?

I told you yesterday I had a big announcement. So here ya go.

I won an award!! Yay me! Amy at Matron Down Under tagged me with the Honest Weblog award. Please note that she tagged ME—not Wifey. I know you people think that she’s the real talent here and I’m just filler material. (And you’re probably right.)

My instructions are to write ten honest things about myself, and tag seven other bloggers to do the same. So here’s my list:

  1. Kat at Katherine's Egypt Adventures
  2. Anthony at Wake Up Game
  3. Wifey at Glory and Grime (and Solid Footing)
  4. Matrasha K at….well, she doesn’t have a blog yet, but she should. I’m calling you out, Tish! You take a bazillion pictures and always have stories. Do it… Besides, I already gave you a topic for your first post.
  5. B-Rob at mikeyshow.com. He’s the laziest blogger on the whole internet! We’ll see if he responds.
  6. SuperEgo at All Things Ego (Don’t you want to know? I know I do.)
  7. Leah at Countdown to Baby Jackson (We'll see if she'll actually do it. I think she may be even further along in her pregnancy than Amy, but she deserves a shout out.)

1. When I was a kid, I actually convinced my little brother and sister they were adopted. I told them I remembered the day we brought them home from the orphanage. That’s why they had blonde hair, and the rest of us had black hair. When Mom told them I was lying, I countered by saying quite seriously, “Do you think she’d tell you? Of course she said that. I just thought you ought to know the truth.”

2. I once went by myself to see a really awful horror movie, and after sitting through the whole thing decided I’d better not tell anybody I’d seen it. Then I heard somebody calling my name from a few rows back. It was my pastor, who had also sat through the whole movie.

3. I voted for Ross Perot in the 1992 Presidential election. I know, I know.

4. I've been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I know a lot of people think they have it. I’ve been diagnosed by three general practitioners, two psychologists, and one psychiatrist. You know how a lot of people will take an anti-depressant and break it in half to get a smaller dosage? Yeah, I don’t do that. My prescription is three of those pills every day. And I’m not even depressed. That’s just what they give you to decrease the symptoms of OCD. I use as much as a full bar of soap on a shower, and I go through hand sanitizer like nobody’s business. But I refuse to own this disorder. I’m believing God for healing.

5. One of my favorite foods (maybe my very favorite) is Hamburger Helper. My favorite is the Cheeseburger Macaroni kind. It’s so awesome. There’s never enough of it though. And it’s ridiculously bad for me.

6. I once pooped in a lake. Me, my brother, and my friend all did it. We had swum out to the edge of the swimming area, and we all kind of had to go. Plus it was funny. At least it was funny until we realized we had to swim away from those floaters. Then it was hilarious. To this day, I still believe they were chasing us.

7. I’m a member of a secret organization called MOA. I can say no more than that.

8. I spend about an hour-and-a-half every day working on my blog. Wifey had originally convinced me to start one so I could work on my writing. Even though it takes some time, I think it’s worth it. My readers really encourage me, but I’d write it even if no one read it.

9. I will be applying to Ph.D. programs in the Fall, and it scares the bejeezes out of me. I still haven’t taken the GRE, even though I finished the Princeton Review in December. It’s like our whole future hangs on this one stupid test. And it has MATH! Since when do theologians need to be good at math?

10. I once wrote a children’s’ book called The Little Puppy that Ate Dirt. I hoped that it might be publishable until I had some published authors of children’s books read it, and I got discouraged. They were shocked and disturbed to learn it was about animal abuse. Sure. And Everyone Poops is great literature? (Ok, it kinda is.)

This one’s great too.

Have a great day, folks!



  1. Congrats on your reward! The pooping in the lake made me laugh so hard! Hilarious!! I still remember the Walter, The Farting Dog...you reading it to Leah and I at Barnes & Noble.

  2. Okay I had to laugh at #1, cause I can TOTALLY picture you doing that. Great list! Can we get an excerpt of "The Little Puppy that Ate Dirt" sometime? Puhlease??

  3. Sure Amy. I'll put up the whole thing sometime. =)

    Thanks Steph. It really is an honor.

  4. See....that's what I needed to make my day completely perfect.....a good dose of DPM humor! xoxo

  5. I had to laugh yesterday because while I was helping to set up for our church yardsale, I found that someone had donated a copy of "Walter the Farting Dog"!

  6. Why would anyone ever get rid of that book? I have that one and the sequel!