Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Christianity about?

Right now I'm sitting in a class that attempts to teach us to answer this very question. It's taught by a guy named James Choung, whose big claim to fame is a viral video called "The Big Story." Give it a look and then I've got a question for you.

Now I know I have some readers that are Christians, and some that aren't. I wouldn't have it any other way. So wherever you're coming from, I'd like to know what you think is the heart of the Christian message. And maybe in a couple of days I'll give you my answer.

Hit me with it!



  1. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so - right? Yes, it's a song, and yes, it's the truth and yes, there's much more. There is a God, He's real, loves me, knows me, and wants me to know Him.

    And, as they say in the Greek, there you go.

    Now show me more baby pictures!!!! Footies and squishy!!!

  2. Sorry my comments are becoming more and more sporatic, work is taking it's toll on me . . .


    Couple problems with James Choung.

    1) He says that you NEED God (in Jesus form) to heal provide the tools for us to go out and heal our world. People have used God and Jesus to mess up our world, i.e. the crusades, witch trials, and even today Rumsfeld used biblical quotes to back up the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    2) Christian Theology 101: Original sin as defined by religion or which Jesus died for was caused by Adam and Eve.

    Follow me here: God is omniscient. He knowingly knew that if he placed the tree of knowledge into the garden they would eat it. To follow this up, he created a SERPENT, not the Devil, a SERPENT to trick Eve into eating the fruit. So Adam and Eve did as God wanted and ate the fruit causing a "sin" somehow. A sin when they followed exactly what he KNEW they would do. This brought in free thought, which God wanted, and also choice. But God, being tricky and spiteful, kicks them out of the garden to a life of toil and labor pains (This was caused by man?)

    Conclusion: Can I please attend your class so I can make his head explode?

  3. SuperEgo,

    Did you want me to respond to that, or were you just venting?


  4. Lol, you are funny. I was kinda doing both. It was more of a commentary, but funny. I will leave it at that.

    I must say though, it is nice to see you coming around to more centrist points over the last few posts. You are a true thinker, and I admire that.