Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should we be concerned about global climate change?

I had a thought about this the other day. Blaise Pascal came up with a very simple argument for Christianity. It went something like this.

“If I’m wrong, and Christianity does not embody truth, I’ve lost very little by believing. But if you’re wrong, and Christianity does embody truth, you’ve lost everything by not believing.”

That’s a loose paraphrase, but you get the idea. He’s basically saying that if Jesus is for real and you reject him, that’s a really bad thing for you. But if it’s all a lie, at least it gave me some hope along the way, and gave me reason to be a better person. I like that argument. It’s simple. I like simple.

So I got to thinking about global climate change. Hear me out on this. This is another one of those issues where everybody’s gonna disagree with me on some level.

First, let me say that this is kind of a funny issue. Think about it. It’s a purely scientific issue, but it’s become a political litmus test. So why is it that people on the left almost universally support the scientific evidence that argues for man-made global climate change and people on the right almost universally support the scientific evidence that argues against global climate change.

Really think about that for a minute, people.

Where is the link between the scientific position and the political one? I have a theory. When I played football for the Brownwood Lions, I liked the color maroon, because that was our team color. But later on, I came to associate that color with Texas A&M, and I was more of a UT fan. I didn't like maroon as much anymore. I think this global climate change thing is sort of like “team colors.”

Now I know there’s a righty out there thinking that the real reason is that lefties are dumb. Sorry. No. There’s also a lefty out there thinking that the real reason is that righties are uncaring. Sorry. No. You know as well as I do that there are some uncaring idiots on both sides.

I’ve really had to get introspective on this one, so knowing well that I’m risking making some enemies here, I’m gonna let you inside my brain.

I’m a righty. Conservative, Republican, whatever label you want to put on me, it probably applies. I believe in a small national government, except that I’m a little hypocritical when it come to national defense, which I want to be big and expensive. While I don’t like everything George W. Bush did, I think he was a pretty great President.

There. Hate me yet? Please don’t. I really am a nice guy, unless you’re a terrorist. Then I’ll probably support policies that many will find cruel, illegal, and unjust. Ok, making jokes now. Seriously though. Save your tomatoes for your salad. I’m taking a risk to make a point.

As a righty, I have adopted the position that there is no man-made global climate change. I seriously believe that. But now I’m asking myself if I believe that because the science really is more reasonable, or because I have been influenced to believe it.

Do you see my problem here? I’m wondering if we’ve all been just a little unduly influenced in the interest of our team colors. Could it be?

I bet you’re wondering what Blaise Pascal has to do with this. Well, I got to thinking that it’s a little inconsistent to apply that argument to Christianity, but not to this issue. So let’s give it a shot.

What if man-made global climate change is not real, and what if I believe it is? I'd be working to fight something that's not real, but in the end, I’m only wasting time and money. But what if it IS real, and I don’t believe in it? I’m doing a horrible disservice to my children and grandchildren.

Are you with me? Wifey tells me I always go through this stuff too quickly.

For whatever reason, I still don’t believe in man-made global climate change. I’m intentionally not gonna go into the science here. I’m not trying to start a debate. But I think I’m changing my position on this issue.

The truth is that we’re still guessing on this issue, and that’s why it’s controversial. There are scientists on both sides. Sure, some of them may very well be idiots, but there are some smart men and women on both sides. And let’s be real here. I’m no scientist.

So despite what I think about this, I’m gonna stop working so hard to poo-poo on the efforts being made by proponents of the other side. I’m going to change some of my habits as well. If there’s a chance I’m destroying the planet that God made with a purpose, and with a plan to work a certain way, then I want to be a good steward of what God has given, and do what I can to put his plan in action.

Does that mean I’m in support of policies that will force pickup trucks to improve their gas mileage by almost 50% by 2016? No. For right now, I’m just not gonna turn the channel when the Discovery Channel starts talking about global warming. I’ll work on the rest. It’ll take time too.

What do you think? Is this an issue we should be concerned about? Have those with whom we surround ourselves unduly influenced us? And where’s the link between the politics and the science?



  1. Can you really not see a link between man and climate change, or do you just choose not to? The reason it is a political issue is because right-wingers are pro-business. If they actually have to change their habbits/business practicies/policies to save gas, oil, enegergy, etc., etc. it's goin to hurt their profits. They don't like this. They like money. They like money so much that they are willing to sacrifice a lot and hurt a lot of people. But people should take care of themselves, right? Pull themselves up by your bootstraps. I'm sure Jesus said that to a lot of people. "Go heal yourselves. Pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps. My miracles are only going to benefit me and that's all that matters." This country would be much different if Christians actually did as Jesus did for everyone, not just the "acceptable" people. P.S. Your pal GW Bush caters to the "haves" and the "have mores." Way different than JC.

  2. In regards to GW Bush, he had 8 years and the supreme court yet he did not end abortion? And you still think he is on your side?

    Also, according to your litmus test Obama must be perfect since no one has attacked us yet. Obama perfect, Bush 9-11 happened on watch; see the flawed argument?

    As to global warming, it does not surprise me you do not believe in it. You said you wanted Polar Bears dead anyway, now you have a tool.

    Lol a Solid ID . . . Cheers! It is always nice to see a counterpart.

  3. Um...did you actually read this blog?

  4. "As a righty, I have adopted the position that there is no man-made global climate change. I seriously believe that."

    Yes; I read your blog. I am commenting on the fact that you actually utter the phrase, "I think he was a pretty great President." The only thing that possibly comes to mind is...WTF???

    Please, enlighten me: What did he do to make him a "pretty great president"?

    Do you know how many Americans have died in Iraq? You even mentioned in a previous blog that you are becoming unemployed. Do you think that is because of Obama? Even a republican should be able to see this is a result of the last 8 years of the Bush reign.

  5. Listen, I'm not going to get into a debate over this. Let me say that we have some points of agreement, and some points of disagreement.

    The reason I asked if you read the blog is that my whole point was that there seem to be a catalog of beliefs on each side, and it seems that people tend to just believe whatever their side believes, even if it has nothing to do with that side's core beliefs.

    It just seems like you missed the point.

  6. My point is how can you really believe our actions have no impact on climate change?

    Furthermore, you say you are "...gonna stop working so hard to poo-poo on the efforts being made by proponents of the other side." Why were you doing this in the first place?

    And, um, did you read my first comment to you? Republicans are pro-business, pro-profit. If they admit their actions leads to climate change, that means they will have to change their behavior and business practices, which will lower profits. They don't like this. So they buy scientists that will say there is no link between our behavior and climate change.

    It seems you are just putting on blinders to see what you want to see because it is the position your party took on the issue.

    I applaud your efforts to try and see the truth, however long it may take you to believe.

  7. If you'd like to debate this issue, I'll do so in email. You can write me at solidfooting (at) gmx (dot) com.