Sunday, November 29, 2009

Age is just a number?


I don't know why 36 has been such a big deal to me. I keep thinking of things like how eighteen years ago I was eighteen, how I grew up in a world where people smoked in clothing stores, and how I keep ending sentences with "of course, that was twenty years ago!" But today I really felt my age.

For those of you that are just tuning in, my mother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly and way too young this summer. We've been spending a lot of time with Julie's dad and brother lately, and they came down to San Diego to spend the day with us yesterday. Seriously, they're so much fun. It's a shame it took a tragedy for all of us to realize that, but I really enjoy their company.

Anyway, last night Julie mentioned how for years we've been thinking about upgrading from the 27" old school TV she got when she went to college, but haven't ever gotten around to it. My father-in-law responded, "Let's go buy one." We protested. A little. But how do you say no to a grieving man with an American Express card?

Last night we got this:

I realize it's hard to tell from that little picture, but that's 37" of 1080 pixel HD awesomeness there! You may be able to see how the TV is turned slightly in the armoire. It was about 1/16 of an inch too wide. Ask me if I care. And in case you're wondering, it's Juno.

Anyway, there was the matter of the old TV. We didn't want to just throw it away, so we put up an ad in the free section of Craigslist and decided to leave it outside by the dumpster. By this time I was tired and sweaty from moving furniture around, and there was no way I was getting dressed to walk downstairs and across a small parking lot. I asked Julie, and she said it was ok.

You're thinking I dropped off the TV outside in my pajamas, aren't you? 'Fraid not.

Boxers?? You're getting closer.

I rocked the boxer briefs. In my defense, I was wearing a white t-shirt too.

To some of you, this may not seem like a big deal. You are the people that have never met me. I got down the stairs just fine. No one was around. It was very quiet. I made it across the little parking lot and set the old TV down by the recycling bin for pick-up by whoever saw the Craigslist ad first. I think that's when it hit me that I was standing outside in broad daylight in my underwear.

I have that happen in dreams all the time. And every time, it's like, "Crap! I can't believe I forgot my pants again!!" But this was real life. My modesty caught up with me, and I ran back for the stairs. I tried to take two stairs at a time, and my body cried out in oldness! (Yeah, I know. I need to hit the gym sometime. But didn't we used to all be able to do that? When we were 22 or something?)

I made it inside and crashed to the floor in exhaustion. Then the puppy came and started biting my nose. I didn't even try to push him away. Too tired. Too old.

*BS=Bible Study (c.f. Prov. 20:29)


  1. That is an awesome TV!! Good on you guys. You had me for real laughing out loud at the thought of you darting outside in your underwear.

    Did anyone grab the TV? I wonder how long it took!

    P.S. I will TOTALLY email you.

  2. Yeah, it's not hard to give away a TV. It was gone quick.

  3. Actually age does become more of "Just A Number" as the number grows larger. I have yet to figure out if it is just wishful thinking or are we really as young as we feel. However, at 61 I have yet to be caught outside in my underwear. (Although I did lock myself out of a hotel room wearing only pajama bottoms once. Thinking back to the time, I was in my early 30's, so maybe it is just some Morris family genetic stupidity)

  4. Dad, don't make me tell the wood box story!

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  6. Id,

    You've gotta learn to recognize humor when you see it. That being said, congratulations on your new blog!


  7. I'm glad you think you are so humorous. Although people may be laughing out loud, they may not be laughing on the inside.

    It's funny, I've shown your blog to several people (at least 10), and they never have that "humor" reaction. Alternatively, several people (not all 10) have said jackass. Those who did not say jackass said douche. And believe me, these are some of the most liberal people you will find, and they know what humor is.

    I would also advise you to be a bit more sensitive to your Wifey. I'm guessing she is one of the ones who laughs out loud, but may not be laughing on the inside.

    But what do I know.

  8. Well, thanks for spreading the word about my blog. I suppose Obi Wan Kenobi said it best when he said, "Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

  9. I don't know if I've ever responded to another comment on your blog. Why on earth is the commentor so concerned about Wifey?

  10. To answer your question, Wifey:
    Solid's blog on May 4, 2009: "Why am I such a jerk sometimes?"

    Although this was the only blog with this title, many others could also be titled this way.

  11. Solid,
    I don't know who Id or his liberal friends are, but I love you & certainly don't think you're a douche. I laugh out loud on the inside & outside! You're hilarious & I look forward to your updates. Having lived with you for so long, I cracked up at the idea of you sprinting (or at least trying to sprint) back into the house in your undies... Love ya hero! Talk to you soon!

  12. I gotta hear this story in person! Go Wifey for giving you the freedom to go out in your underwear!