Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not ok.

For whatever reason, we need a new bathroom trash can. I don't really know what happened to put the old one out of service, but Julie tells me we need a new one, so we need a new one. Today Julie ordered one online and noticed something disturbing. Somebody tell me what's wrong with this picture...

Did you see it?? Right down at the bottom? Two USED from $12.99!! Foul!!! Yes, I'd like a used trash can. Please empty it of your used bathroom products first. It reminded me of something that happened about a year ago though.

My last job was with a large industrial manufacturer, and they had an on-site cafeteria. The highlight of the cafeteria was the grill. Any time of day you could go in there and get the guy to make you a burger, quesadilla, or whatever. And it was always good...until I learned that the secret ingredient was E-COLI!

I actually saw the grill chef wipe the spatula on the side of the trash can and go right back to flipping burgers. Yes, there was a fairly clean trash bag in it, but c'mon! So I've got a question.

Would you ever eat there again? Cause I didn't.


  1. That is hilarious!! And who would think of selling their used trash can? Like, "Hmmm...I bet we could get some money out of that!"

    Totally disgusting about the cafeteria thing. Makes you wonder how often stuff like that goes on that we have no clue about. Ick.

  2. What I've come to find out about Amazon is that if you keep something past the 30 day return policy, you are out of luck and stuck with it but they do offer you the option of trying to sell it to a willing customer. Maybe that's what's going on there.