Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sonnet time!

So I wrote this blog post the other day on my laptop, but now my laptop is out in the car, and I think it needs to be charged. You'd think I'd be able to work up the energy to go get it. Alas...

Good news though, readers! I have your Saturday night entertainment right here. Another sonnet in iambic pentameter about my big toe! This one's from Katherine, posted without permission. (If she gets upset, I'll take it down...maybe.)


Without further adieu....

You've writ about your toe in perfect rhyme,
Its virtues, and of hair that grows upon't
I must admit I can't recall a time
That I have read a funnier sonnet.

Those photos' worth? A thousand words at least
A sonnet's worth: Just seventy iambs.
I am so grateful that you chose to cease
Short of writing all about your toe jam.

I confess I have begun to fidget
Composing this has taken half an hour
Spending this time contemplating digits
On others' feet -- Ugh, I need to shower.

I hope you've had a lovely little laugh
Excuse me, y'all, I have to take a bath.

Spiritual Journal, entry 6:

Lord, thank you for my friends, both old and new. Light their paths and surprise them with your glory, your love, your providence. Help us to learn from each other, and to always honor you as the one who wove our paths in such a way that they should cross.

In Jesus Name,

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