Saturday, October 24, 2009

Puppy ninja!

Zeke's got a new trick. He's a puppy ninja. You doubt me? You've never heard of puppy ninjas?

Well look at this!


I tried to determine the veracity of this photo. Unfortunately, the photographer could not be reached for a statement. HE WAS KILLED BY PUPPY NINJAS!!

They're everywhere!

You stand no chance against them!

Unless, of course...


Zeke's started doing this cute new thing, and admittedly, I've encouraged him against my better judgment. He's pretty much figured out that I'll beat him in a fair fight every time. It generally ends with me holding him on his back with him muzzled between two of my fingers. I realize that sounds awful, but that's the recommended course of action for Yorkies. They never quite get it into their heads that they're little.

Zeke's latest trick involves approaching me with a toy and pretending he just wants me to hold it while he sits in my lap and chews on it. (That's another of our favorite games.) He chew the toy two or three times, and then he does his puppy-growl-thing (which sounds kind of like gargling water) and goes for my hand.

He doesn't really bite hard; he's just playing. (Slam dunk on use of a semi-colon! Fear me, GRE!!) Always makes me laugh though. I shouldn't encourage him, but he's so stinkin' cute!


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  1. LOL! That is the very essence of awesomeness... Your blogs are so funny; you're quite the comedian. (Proper use of a semi-colon?) Probably not. I'm okay with that though.