Saturday, March 20, 2010

New possibilities

Well, as feared, I didn't get into any of my schools this year. All the rejections came in a three-day period. It was pretty hard, and that's why I haven't gotten around to writing about it until now. It puts me in an interesting situation though. I'll be sending out a new round of applications in the Fall, but I've got a whole year free. We could do just about anything we like. We've got a few ideas.

1.) Move to Europe.

But what do you do next? Yay, I'm in Europe! I'd still have to find a job, get an apartment (Oh, sorry. A "flat."), and then there's the fact that I don't really know anybody in Europe. And I know me. I'm a homebody. Traveling is much more fun when it can be done by supper time and I can sleep in my own bed.

2.) Start a band.

But I'm already in a band! I've played in a bunch of bands in my life. On the upside, I already have a pretty red electric guitar. On the downside, bands have to rehearse. Hours and hours playing the same songs over and over. Listen - bands are cool, but trust me - it's a lot of work.

3.) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs North and South across the West coast, beginning at the U.S./Mexican border and ending somewhere in Canada. My brother-in-law has chosen this option himself, and plans to leave sometime in mid-April, depending on the weather. He's been training since December, and packing since . . . oh, I don't know. August?

More power to him, really. But Julie brought up a good point the other day. What do you do every night? Seriously. You're out in nature, all by yourself, with nothing to do but feed the fire. Yeah, I see the romantic appeal, but I just think I might get bored after about a week of that.

4.) ???

What would you do? I'm open to suggestions here. And yes, I have a few more ideas. But what would you do if you had a year with no real commitments?? (Assume you have to provide for yourself somehow.)


  1. I suppose you have a Master's Degree in Theology. Why not use it? Start your own church in your apartment, apprentice under your reverend, do something with it!

    It is time to fulfill your destiny. Just don't do anything stupid like moving to another place, causing you and "Wifey" to not have work.

    Best of luck, we all need it.

  2. Alright Solid, I'm not going to give you my two cents...I'm going to give you my twenty-five cents...

    Stop bitching about government and taxes when you are using a government safety net (unemployment). Get a job. Or at least praise the current system that is keeping you from being homeless.

    Don't think moving is going to solve your problems. Do you have a job? No. Does Wifey? Yes.

    Moving is going to cause more problems because you will sever the one income you have.

  3. The Republic of Georgia is recruiting 1,000 native English speakers to teach in Georgia for a year!

  4. SuperEgo: Thanks for your encouragement. We're working on it.

    Id: Where did I say anything about government and taxes?

    Anonymous: Thanks for the job lead.

    To all of you: I was actually kidding about moving to Europe. And the other two things.

  5. To quote Solid's previous blogs:

    "I’m getting laid off June 30th. I don’t have anything else lined up yet. It’s an exercise in faith."

    An exercise in faith? How did that work out for you?

    "Where is the link between the scientific position and the political one [referring to global warming/climate change]? I have a theory. When I played football for the Brownwood Lions, I liked the color maroon, because that was our team color. But later on, I came to associate that color with Texas A&M, and I was more of a UT fan. I didn't like maroon as much anymore. I think this global climate change thing is sort of like 'team colors.'

    I’m a righty. Conservative, Republican, whatever label you want to put on me, it probably applies. I believe in a small national government, except that I’m a little hypocritical when it come to national defense, which I want to be big and expensive. While I don’t like everything George W. Bush did, I think he was a pretty great President [Solid_Id gags].

    As a righty, I have adopted the position that there is no man-made global climate change. I seriously believe that.

    For whatever reason, I still don’t believe in man-made global climate change."


    So, basically playing on your "team colors" argument, most people on your team feel that way about the government and taxes. Call it a gut feeling that you share that view.

    P.S. aren't you super glad that healthcare passed tonight? Oh wait, probably not. In that case, haha.

  6. Well, darn I was gonna say move to Australia, but moving is out, you say? (And we already have free health care--booyah!) ;)

    Okay, this may be an obnoxious question. Is there anything you could do this year that would make your application more favorable next year? I mean, job or experience-wise? I have no clue about PhD programs or what these particular programs are looking for. Learn German? That kinda thing.

    Now you asked what we would do. If I had a year with no real commitments, I reckon I'd still have to work. So, yeah, I'd try to have some kind of job. Otherwise, I'd read a bunch of books, take a couple trips, and spend a lot of time with the people I like/love the most. Cause who knows where you'll end up after that year?

  7. My gosh - Id, please lighten up. Seriously. Get a legitimate hobby, find some inner peace, or simply calm the heck down. Enough.

    Husband, I love you, and this year is going to be awesome. Our plans in the making are getting better and better! And I sure like Amy's thought train :)

  8. Wifey,

    I hope Solid can fight his own battles; afterall, he initiates them.


  9. Id,

    Fine. Here's my response.

    I don't generally respond to your criticisms because they aren't worth my time. Personally, I think you're a discredit to both the democratic party and progressive thought in general. You're predictable and uncreative. You're not funny. In fact, most of the time I wonder if you even understand what I'm writing here.

    You may have noticed that generally speaking, no one responds to you. It's because you are uninteresting.

    Now say something else about my wife and consider yourself banned.


  10. Point 1: You asked for feedback in your post; I gave it to you.

    Point 2: "Fine. Here's my response."

    I never asked for a response. i was simply responding to your post.

    Point 3: "Personally, I think you're a discredit to both the democratic party and progressive thought in general."

    You wouldn't know how to identify progressive thought in the first place. And I never said I was a member of the democratic party.

    Point 4: "You're predictable and uncreative. You're not funny. In fact, most of the time I wonder if you even understand what I'm writing here."

    You asked for feedback on your post, I gave you some. In response, you insult me. That doesn't seem very Christian-like bahavior, especially when you claim to read your bible every morning. Is that what Christianity is? Reading the bible?

    Point 5: "Now say something else about my wife and consider yourself banned."

    Dude, you need to chill. I didn't say anything about "your wife." Read my post again. You're a bit of a hot head without substance.

    I think you've been looking for an excuse to ban me. So go ahead.

  11. Solid,

    I don't know what ID said about Wifey. Reading all the responses, ID was responding to Wifey, not making fun of her.

    You need to relax, my son. You are not a knight and Wifey does not need to be saved.

  12. That made me laugh. Ok guys. You make a solid point.

  13. Damn, Dave... You've got quite a spicy little discussion going here. Do you know ID? I've seen his posts before. Typically seems to like to stir the pot a bit. It's always good to have thought provoking conversation, but seems that it's usually just provoking.

    ID, I get that you think you're giving feedback, but why not try to do it in a bit more constructive manner? You're posts are usually quite sharp & sometimes under-handed. Play the devil's advocate if you must, but you don't have to be devious in so doing... I mean, I don't know if you know Dave or not, but to question his faith & character based on your interpretation of a blog post? That's a little uncool. I've known Dave for years & can say wholeheartedly that he is one of the most integrous men I know. He loves God with a purity of heart that most will never know. You misunderstand or misread a blog post & call him to the mat for not being Christ like? Really? But hey, what do I know? Right?

  14. There's always temecula! Look at this backyard

  15. C'mon!!! Campfires! Bears! Microscopic organisms that can kill! Sleeping on a foam mattress that is never comfortable! Hiking 2,650 miles which averages to 22 miles a day carrying a 30lbs pack if you're lucky!

    Am I missing something here? What's not to like about this?

  16. Option 5) Learn to play Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and get on Xbox Live with me (this is Josh btw)

    @ Solid_Id - Please help yourself to a nice big cup of STHU. The man is writing a light-hearted blerb, and you're trolling politics and whatever else into it. Not everything written is a challenge to debate, nor need be debated. Pick your battles. Sometimes it's better to just let someone, whether you agree with them or no, have their little corner to speak, free from strife.

    If putting the brakes on the verbal diarrhea you seem to enjoy spewing upon lowly (no offense Dave) internet blog wriiters is too much for you to handle, and you need a hobby to take up the many idle hours, might I suggest the aforementioned Xbox Live, where you'd fit right in.

    Oh, and your trolling made baby Jesus cry. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? (and by baby Jesus I mean the week old baby of the mexican family that lives in the apt below me.)

    *hugs and kisses* (^_^)'