Monday, March 1, 2010

March already?

Seriously, it's March 1st, and I still have no idea where I'll be living or what I'll be doing as of this summer. Of the four schools to which I've applied, not one has responded. However, I have third-hand information that Fordham has already accepted the people they're going to be accepting, except they didn't accept me! So I'm trying to accept that.

That leaves two schools: Boston University and Marquette. Word has it that Marquette sent out their answers at the end of last week by snail mail, so I should know something there by the end of the week. BU says they're informing everyone of their decisions soon too.

Waiting, waiting. Tired of waiting.


  1. It's good to know that it's all coming together, that we'll get to move on to new things soon. And that God does indeed have a good plan. And you're a hottie. Does that make you feel better? A little? Oh, and a super-cute puppy. You have the cutest puppy.

  2. Seriously, what is the deal with these people? Hang in there, guys! I've been thinking about y'all and wondering if there were any updates. Good things are ahead, I know it!

    Of course, there's always Sydney. We got schools and stuff.

  3. When will there be new blogs?!?!? I take it that nothing has happened with college due to the prolonged silence. The world moves on and there is life to be had, my son. I need new material for my gigs!!!

  4. Have patience! It's finals week for me.